Beauty Therapy Courses

We have a wide range of flexible courses on offer in the beauty industry. Our team of qualified tutors can guide you through a range of approved qualifications, allowing you to choose specific study programmes, and to give you a qualification that you can gain insurance with to start earning money and building your portfolio.

Our Professional Beauty Courses are set up on a 1-2-1 basis, with dates scheduled directly with the learner. Group bookings are occasionally scheduled, with a fee reduction. Large group bookings are available with a discount for 4 or more learners upon request. Sessions run from 9.30-3pm and always have a minimum of 2 weeks between sessions to allow you to complete research, study and case studies.

All courses have scheduled time for work on clients, and will have an online assessment prior to certification.

  • Health, safety and legisative information relevant to the treatment
  • Consultation requirements
  • Contra-indications to treatment
  • Treatment, client and therapist preparation
  • Treatment procedure, including demonstration and work on clients
  • Aftercare and contra-actions

Courses can be scheduled at our training centres, or at a suitable venue of your choice* (on-site training – group discounts upon request, restrictions apply) – See prices below for more information. We are currently working to bring you great prices for your training kits. Please contact the centre for information and prices of kits we have available.

Training and kit prices may vary as product and course requirements change. All courses are booked in line with the enrolment terms and conditions

Beauty & massage

CourseDaysKitKit fee1-2-1 feeGroup fee
(per person)
On-site fee
(per person)
Brow shaping workshop
(mapping, tweezing, threading)
Lash lifting1optional£TBC£145£95£195Basic eye treatments
Henna brows1optional£TBC£145£95£195Basic eye treatments
Basic eye treatments
(lash & brow tinting, brow tweezing)
Individual lashes2optional£TBC£275£175£360Basic eye treatments
Russian lash workshop1optional£TBC£145£95£195Individual lashes
Hybrid lash workshop1optional£TBC£145£95£195Russian lash workshop
Express lash workshop1optional£TBC£145£95£195Individual lashes
Total Lash Artist
(basic eye treatments, brow shaping workshop, individual, russian, hybrid and express lash workshops)
6optional £TBC£795£549£949None
Tanning1optional £TBC£145£95£195None
Waxing 2optional£TBC£275£175£360None
Intimate waxing1optional£TBC£145£95£195Waxing
Total Waxing
(hot and warm wax, including intimate waxing)
Body Massage 3optional£TBC£395£270£549None
Indian Head Massage2optional£TBC£275£175£360None
Stone therapy massage2optional £TBC£275£175£549Massage
Total Massage therapist5optional£TBC£695£459£799None
Beauty therapist course
(facials, waxing, eye treatments, make up, manicure and pedicure)

Advanced Beauty therapy

CourseDaysKitKit fee1-2-1 feeGroup fee
(per person)
On-site fee
(per person)
Microblading3included£NA£899£699£1150*L3 Beauty / A&P
Micropigmentation – brows
(hair strokes and shading)
3mandatoryfrom £185 – £1650£899£699£1150* L3 Beauty / A&P
Micropigmentation – eyeliner
(top liner, bottom liner and lash enhancement)
3mandatoryfrom £185-£1650£899£699£1150*L3 Beauty/ A&P
Micropigmentation – lips
(liner, blush and full colour)
3mandatoryfrom £185-1650£899£699£1150*L3 Beauty/ A&P
Micropigmentation – all areas (brows, eyeliner and lips)6mandatoryfrom £185 – £1650£1999£1749£2499* L3 Beauty / A&P
Scalp pigmentation4optionalfrom £999£2750NANAL4 Micropigmentation
Laser IPL hair removal3NA£NA£595£445NA L3 Beauty / A&P
Laser IPL Skin rejuvenation3NA£NA£595£445NA L3 Beauty / A&P
Laser IPL Treatments (skin rejuvenation and hair removal)4NA£NA£849£695NA L3 Beauty / A&P
Chemical peels – CPD day1optionalfrom £299£249£199£349* L4 Beauty / Dermatology
Chemical peels2optional from £299£449£379£599* L3 Beauty / A&P
Skin needling – CPD session1optionalfrom £189£249£199£349* Micropigmentation
Skin needling3optionalfrom £189£595£445£849* L3 Beauty / A&P
Ultrasound cavitation – CPD session1optional£TBC£249£199£349* L4 Beauty / Dermatology
Ultrasound cavitation2optional £TBC£449£379£599* L3 Beauty / A&P
Radiofrequency – CPD session1optional £TBC£249£199£349* L4 Beauty / Dermatology
Radiofrequency2optional£TBC£449£379£599* L3 Beauty / A&P
Cryolipolysis – CPD session
(fat freezing)
1NANA£249£199NA L4 Beauty / Dermatology
(fat freezing)
2NANA£449£379NA L3 Beauty / A&P
Laser lipolysis – CPD session1NANA£249£199NA L4 Beauty / Dermatology
Laser Lipolysis2NANA£449£199NA L3 Beauty / A&P

*please note – some training programmes are not able to be facilitated on-site, or in some cases, it may be required to gain temporary approval from your local borough, or add one of our team members to your licence temporarily.

Make up courses

CourseDaysKitKit fee1-2-1 feeGroup fee
(per person)
On-site fee
(per person)
Basic make up
(Day, evening and special occasion)
2optional£TBC£275£175£250Facials advantage
Cut crease workshop1optional£TBC£145£95£195Basic make up
Fashion and photographic workshop2optional£TBC£275£175£250 Basic make up
Media make up workshop2optional £TBC£275£175£250 Basic make up
Airbrush make up2optional£285-894£275£175£250 Basic make up
Camouflage make up1optional from £99£145£95£195Basic make up
Face painting workshop1optional£99£145£95£195Facials an advantage
Face and body art2optional£TBC£275£175£250 Basic make up
Contouring workshop1optional£TBC£145£95£195 Basic make up
Ultimate make up artist10optional £TBC£1250£999£1650None

Nail Courses

CourseDaysKitKit fee1-2-1 feeGroup fee
(per person)
On-site fee
(per person)
Nail Art1optional£TBC£145£95£195Manicure
Gel Polish1optional £TBC£145£95£195Manicure
Manicure, pedicure & gel polish3optional£TBC£395£270£549None
Acrylic nails4optional£TBC£495£350£695Manicure
Gel nails4optional£TBC£495£350£695Manicure
Nail Tech (Acrylic & Gel)6optional£TBC£795£549£949Manicure
Complete Nail Technician (Man, ped, gel polish, acrylic & gel nails)8optional £TBC£999£799£1199None

VTCT upgrades

We can upgrade many of these qualifications to VTCT regulated qualifications with just a few assessment days. We also offer RPL packages for anyone who has previous qualifications and experience in their specialism, but would like to upskill to a VTCT approved qualification. If you would like more information, please contact us on for a personalised quote

Training resources

Please note that all resources supplied are for the intention of supporting our registered learners. Resources are copy written and are not approved for use by any other training provider, trainer, or use other than personal information in relation to study.

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