Education and Training

Turn any career into a teaching career!

Do you have a skill that you are looking to share? Maybe you are thinking of turning your current business into an educational establishment. Education is key, and many people offer training within their everyday job roles without even realising it. Why not turn this into your main job role? Any one with a level 3 vocational qualification can start working towards becoming a fully qualified teacher. At ETS, we understand the commitment to your work life balance is already difficult enough, and trying to fit in additional training days may not work, so we have a selection of programmes designed to fit in with your work load and lifestyle to support you towards becoming a teacher, assessor or quality assurer.

We offer a range of delivery methods, including

  • Online – evidence is uploaded to an eportfolio, and observations are carried out using live Skype/Video calling.
  • Workbase assessments – induction and mentoring is carried out via video calling, and assessments are in the workplace with an assessor (and potentially an IQA) will attend your centre. Additional travel fees may apply.
  • Classroom based delivery – You will be required to attend weekly sessions. Assessments will still be carried out in a workplace with active students.

In any situation, support is continous via telephone, email, video calling and webinars, along with social media support groups and forums. All of your resources will be supplied online.

Qualifications are accredited by VTCT, an Ofqual regulated awarding organisation, and therefore evidence is subject to external quality checks. To faciliate this, your evidence will be submitted online using an eportfolio.

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