Terms and Conditions

Payment terms and conditions

Please ensure you have read all terms and conditions before proceeding to any form of payment.

Regrettably, there are some instances where an organised course does not run due to low numbers of enrolment. We always try our hardest to keep courses on schedule, however, on occasion when this may not be possible, we reserve the right to cancel such courses. When this is unavoidable, we will take the following action

  • Give you a minimum of 2 weeks notice prior to the start of your course if enrolment numbers are lower than required
  • Confirm plans to cancel or reschedule with one weeks notice prior to the start date of the course
  • Reschedule (where possible) and reserve spaces for cancelled learners as a priority
  • If this is not suitable, a full refund of the course fees will be given

Unfortunately, we are unable to cover additional costs related to the course in the event of a cancellation. It is not advised that learners purchase products or equipment prior to the course, particularly in cases where we have highlighted low enrolment numbers.

Private Enrolment Conditions

Essex Training Solutions Ltd is referred to below as ETS.

Private enrolment conditions apply to any privately funded training programme. This does not include any government funded programmes.

The term ‘meeting’ refers to any scheduled meeting, induction, tutorial or session with a tutor/assessor/IQA. The term

The term ‘assessment day’ refers to any session in which assessment is due to take place, including formative and summative, regardless of the accrediting body certificating the qualification.

  1. ETS holds a partnership agreement for funded training provision, and therefore funding rules and loan requirements and terms apply in these cases.
  2. ETS will issue each individual candidate, or centre with a personalised invoice. Enrolments cannot be combined or merged with other courses, or learners in any way.
  3. ETS will issue relevant dates for tuition before payments are accepted. Exceptions to this will be when a learner opts to set their own meeting/assessment dates. Please note, not all courses have this option. Please check before booking if you are unsure
  4. ETS will issue relevant details of course criteria, units of qualification and any extra fees before payments are invoiced.
  5. All fees payable to the centre are outlined in your enrolment confirmation.
  6. Fees payable in instalments are also subject to the terms and conditions found below under the heading ‘Paying by instalment plan’
  7. All fees payable to the centre must be paid by the specified date on the invoice regardless of the dates scheduled for meetings/assessment days.
  8. In the instance that an invoice has not been paid by the due date, ETS reserve the right to delay meetings/assessment days, release the space for booking by another learner, or add additional charges in line with table (a)
  9. In the instance that an invoice is 4 weeks late, tuition may be terminated and the outstanding amount will be invoiced to the candidate for immediate payment.
  10. In the instance that an invoice is overdue by 60 days, interest will be added at the advertised rate, as per table (a)
  11. Further action to recover outstanding fees may be taken, including any resulting additional fees.
  12. Booking fees (where applicable) and admin fees paid to hold dates and spaces on courses are non-refundable. Fees are non-exchangeable with less than 14 days notice. Deposits paid online are paid with reference to ’29’
  13. Candidates are expected to complete the full course. In the instance that a candidate does not complete the full course, no refunds will be made to any party. The fee for the full programme still applies
  14. ETS will conduct regular quality assurance checks to enable candidates to be monitored, and to reduce possibility of candidates not completing the full course.
  15. Candidates are expected to attend for the full term (as detailed on enrolment confirmation)
  16. Cancellations of meetings/assessment days require a minimum of 5 working days. Cancellations made after this time will incur a charge. See table (a). Exceptions will be made in extreme circumstances, and where supporting evidence can be provided.
  17. Candidates may be required to show evidence of practice outside of tuition time. Any candidates found to be providing false evidence, or not participating in preparation for their assessments may be dismissed from the programme. Relevant insurances and licences for practice are the responsibility of the learner.
  18. Candidates who enrol on any course with ETS agree to follow the establishment policies, code of conduct, industry code of practice and other relevant professional codes of ethics. This information is provided during induction, or prior to the start date where possible. Any disregard to this may result in dismissal from the programme. In this instance, the candidate will still be liable for the full course fee as outlined in ’13’
  19. In the event that an ETS representative will visit a venue of the candidate’s choice, the candidate will need to provide a copy of an up to date Health and Safety policy for the venue. This may be received electronically, or a hard copy can be supplied.
  20. Candidates must attend for a minimum of 85% of their course (contact mode only)
  21. In the instance that a candidate cannot attend tuition, they must produce a signed legal or medical document stating the reason for absence. The centre will then rearrange alternative tuition for the candidate to meet the criteria that was missed at reduced/no cost to the candidate. The cost is at the discretion of the centre. If the centre deems a fee is payable, charges will be invoiced as per table (a)
  22. Candidates who have not supplied sufficient reason for absence during the course may be dismissed from the programme, and will still be liable to pay the full course fee as outlined in ’13’
  23. Candidates who complete the duration of their course, but are not competent to be certified for their evidence and assessments are not entitled to extra tuition at a free or reduced price.
  24. Candidates are expected to take holidays during their scheduled holiday period (usually based on school term times), and make appointments outside of tuition/assessment time (contact mode only). It is expected that where this is unavoidable, the candidate will discuss the arrangements with the tutor/assessor to allow reasonable adaptations to be made.
  25. A copy of all relevant regulatory and accrediting bodies policies will be available upon request for candidates to refer to if required.
  26. Candidates who are requested to be available for External Quality Assurance purposes, or for examination purposes by an external examiner are expected to make suitable plans to be available for the duration of the requested time. This is in line with awarding organisation policy. Candidate can expect a minimum of 4 weeks notice for this, and every effort will be made to prevent disruption to normal working patterns, although this cannot be guaranteed.

Table of charges.

Table of charges
Late payment of invoice or due payment£308.5%
Returned payment ^£30
Late cancellation of confirmed meeting/assessment day^£85
Cancellation** of tuitionOutstanding programme fee

*Interest is paid on overdue invoices. Invoice payments need to be clear by date of invoice. After this date, interest will be added at a rate of 8.5% per day in accordance with UK Government recommendations.

** Cancellation may be by either party, and with reference to previous terms and conditions

^ Returned payments, and late cancellation fees are invoiced separately to tuition fees and instalment plans. Invoices are in turn subject to usual invoicing terms.

Paying by Instalment Plan

In some cases, Essex Training Solutions Ltd is able to offer payment in easy instalments.

Instalment plans are subject to the following conditions, and offered with reference and in line with the ‘Private Enrolment Conditions’

  1. Proof of identity and address will be reviewed and confirmed prior to agreement. Evidence required to be submitted is detailed below in table ‘b’
  2. An instalment plan will be issued and a signed agreement with the deposit fee must be received prior to confirmation of tuition. Dates for tuition may be scheduled before deposit, but will only be held for 48 hours in line with other booking policies.
  3. Instalments are paid via standing order or bank transfer. Payments to PayPal, or via card are not accepted unless otherwise agreed prior to deposit payment
  4. Instalments are paid on the 1st of each month, unless otherwise agreed. A late payment fee will be invoiced if the instalment is not received by close of business on the agreed date.
  5. Late payment fees are in line with table (a)
  6. Unpaid instalments and invoices will result in delay or termination of tuition as per ‘Private enrolment conditions – (8)’
  7. ETS does not issue reminders for instalments. It is strongly advised that a recurring payment is set up at the time of first instalment
  8. In the event that an outstanding payment amount is forwarded for account recovery by an external agency, the candidates registration will be removed with the relevant accrediting body, informing them of the reasons for doing so. No further training will be offered to the candidate
  9. If a candidate cancels their tuition with a remaining balance, they will still be required to pay the remaining balance as per ‘Private enrolment conditions – (8)’
  10. If a candidate completes their tuition and has a balance outstanding, no certificates will be claimed or released until the full balance has been cleared.
  11. Candidates who have completed their tuition and their instalment plan, but are not competent to be certified, or have not yet submitted full sufficient evidence, are not entitled to addition tuition free, at a reduced cost, or to a full or part refund in line with the ‘Private enrolment conditions’. We strongly urge candidates who are in need of additional support or a change in circumstances to talk to their assessor before cancelling outstanding payments.
  12. Instalments can be paid early or payment amounts increased without charge
  13. Instalment payment amounts may not be decreased without prior agreement in writing. Instalment payments that are decreased may delay tuition, completion or certification.
  14. Instalments payments may not be spread over more than 12 months, or 12 repayments
  15. These conditions are subject to change.
  16. ETS retain the right to withdraw an instalment facility at any time
  17. ETS retain the right to refuse any person an instalment plan at any time
  18. ETS will not pass on your details to third parties in line with our data protection policy, other than in cases stated above.

Proof of identification – table (b)

IdentificationValid itemsNotes
1 item of photographic identificationValid UK/EU driving licence, VALID UK passport or nationally approved identification cardName on identification must match qualification registration
2 items of proof of current addressUtility (gas, electric or water bill), council tax bill, entry onto the electoral register, HMRC documentation (tax credits, universal credits, ESA, JSA, inland revenue etc), bank statementAddress must match identification (where applicable), and be the address in which your certificate is to be sent. Proof of current address must be dated within 3 months of the start of your course

If you have any other queries, or need to speak to someone about paying for your studies, please contact finance@essextrainingsolutions.com