At Essex Training Solutions Ltd, we pride ourselves on working with industry professionals. All of our tutors, assessors and quality assurance teams are still active in the industry in which they teach. This ensures that you are getting current, and accurate information about the qualifications and industry you are studying.

We hold accreditation’s with industry leading bodies, and are fully insured to teach on and off-site for a number of qualifications. We offer qualifications for groups, or on a one-to-one basis, and offer a range of training models.

  • Distance learning – For qualifications without observation assessments, or assessments that are able to be completed via video calling. Learners are supported via email, video calling or telephone contact whilst they complete their study. This programme is ideal for learners whoa re already working with the skill in the environment that they are studying, those needing flexible study hours, long distance learners, or for those with workplace support.
  • Blended learning – For qualifications with heavy stress on research tasks, essays, etc. but require some observations to take place with an assessor. Learners complete essays, assignments and other written tasks away from the centre (as per Distance learning), but will still attend the centre, or agreed workplace for tutorials, observations and assessments
  • Recognised Prior Learning (RPL) – For those who have already been working in the industry and want to gain a regulated qualification (evidence will need to be provided to prove prior qualifications etc.). This is usually completion of assignments and attendance for assessment days only. Learners will only be required to supply evidence of current skills, completed evidence (assignments, written tasks etc.) and then attend for assessment. This method is ideal for learners who are already working in the job role that they are studying, those who have previous knowledge and experience of the subject, or for those returning to complete an incomplete study programme.
  • One-to-one training – Set your own start, end and tuition dates directly with your assessor. Learners will select a mode, either blended or contact learning, but will be the sole learner during any scheduled training sessions or tutorials, ensuring you have 100% of the tutors attention. This method is ideal for those who want to get completed quickly.
  • Contact learning – Attend one of our approved centres on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis for tuition, practice and assessments. These courses have more than one learner. Learners will study in a group environment, and meet with their tutor/assessor regularly for training sessions. This study mode is best suited to learners who need the centre facilities for practice, or who feel better supported in groups and with regular face to face contact with their tutor.

Generally, our course documents are supplied using online file storage systems. We can organise for materials to be supplied in other formats where required.

All of our courses guarantee –

A choice of study modes
– Full induction, or e-induction for online/distance courses
– Screening prior to enrolment to make sure you are on a suitable learning programme
– Individual Learning Plans
– An assigned assessor, with direct contact via email, telephone or video calling
– Low fees, with flexible payment terms available
– Approachable, experienced assessment team

To discuss the best way to pay for your studies, please visit the Enrolments page